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About Our Founder

In 2001, Rob Harris attended a technical college in California & learned how to build computers at the young age of 19. In 2003 he decided to move to Washington State & took additional computer classes as well as business classes in Seattle. After 3 years he dropped out of college to start his own software company which worked off of MySpace. This business venture did very well lasting over 6 years and grossing close to $3 Million in sales. By 2012 not many people were using MySpace anymore which finally brought an end to his business. In 2013, Rob Harris discovered cryptocurrency which led to him building his first Mining Rig for Litecoin. 

In 2015, Rob Harris launched another Software Company & released a program for Instagram users called Social Audit Pro. This software is a tool to help detect people who have purchased fake followers. In 2019, Wired Magazine interviewed Rob about his software program which can be found on the link below: 

WIRED: Fighting Instagram's $1.3 Billion Problem - Fake Followers

During the Crypto Boom in 2017, Rob became passionate about teaching people how to properly purchase and store their own cryptocurrency.

One of the inspirations for creating CryptoBackup™ came from a friend who lost her home in the Santa Rosa, California fires at the end of 2017. Less than a year later another close friend of Rob Harris also suffered from a house fire. Both of these events helped lead to the inspiration for creating CryptoBackup™ by finding the best ways for people to protect their cryptocurrencies offline. Especially in the event of a fire.

About Our Founder

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